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"TAMASHII NATIONS AKIBA SHOWROOM" is, Bandai Collectors Division to exhibit the products of high target product brand "TAMASHII NATIONS" to expand, is the official showroom facility.
This page is as its official page, a web site to inform the day-to-day announcements and exhibition information from the showroom to everyone.

For AKIBA showrooms, and please refer to the following for access method.

Latest articles

[Theme Display / Sales Corner] Notice of Sales Status! That Godzilla in the theme exhibition ... ...! What?

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "Sb" is! A new "S.H.MonsterArts series" has been added to the sales section from Saturday, June 16! ! ! ! June 18 (Monday [...]

[Additional exhibition notice! 】 "S.H.Figuarts New Young Rendeo - New Sorrow and Relaxation ~" "S.H.Figuarts Odori Rito God ~ God 's Joy and Anger ~" etc on display!

Hello! It is a showroom staff "SWDM". Today is the update update of the exhibition! God, I'm a clinic in the AKIBA showroom! ! Even if you say God ... Yes, that self-name "God" that appeared in " KAMEN RIDER EX-AID " "[...]

【Theme Display / Sales Corner】 Information on admission of sales corner on Saturday, June 16, Sunday, July 17

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom manager "50"! From soul nations AKIBA showroom, it is information about admission of sales corner. Saturday, June 16 (10 o'clock) theme exhibition · sale co ... [...]

【Order reservation deadline soon! 】 "12" PM Burnaby · Brooks Jr. - Casual style - "factory sample review! !

みなさん、こんにちは!AKIBAショールーム店長「50」です!!! ハリウッド映画化も決定し、さらなる盛り上がりを見せる『TIGER & BUNNY』ですが、先日開催されたイベント「TAMASHII Comic-Con […]

【Theme Display / Sales Corner】 Notice of Sales Category Addition! Start selling on Saturday, June 16!

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "moku" is! Notice about theme exhibition / sales corner! We will start selling "S.H.MonsterArts" series from June 16 (Saturday)! [...]

[Additional exhibition notice! 】 "S.H.Figuarts Crow Amazon" SHFiguarts MASKED RIDER AMAZON Neo Alpha "on display!

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "shiawa" is! Today is the update update of the exhibition! ■ "S.H.Figuarts crow Amazon" Tamashii web shop Order item Sales price: 7,020yen (tax included) departing [...]

【Notice of June Touch & Try】 6/16 "Twin Tail", 6/23 "Son Goku - Saiyan of the Earth-Growing", 6/30 " MASKED RIDER BLACK RX LIBORKEY"

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "moku" is! It is a touch & try notice of June! This month will be held three times in total on June 16 (Sat), June 23 (Sat), June 30 (Sat)! ★ June 16th [...]

【Theme Display / Sales Corner】 Sales end item, Notice of closed days!

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "Sb" is! We will inform you of sales situation as of June 5 (Tue) from sales corner! ! <On sale> ● " THE ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS> Unicorn Gundam [...]

"TAMASHII Comic-Con - Tamashii Comi Soul (Con) -" After Exhibition in Progress! !

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "moku" is! We visited "TAMASHII Comic-Con - Tamashii Comi Soul (Con) -" held on May 25 th - 27 th (Sunday)

「METAL ROBOT魂 ランスロット・アルビオン」タッチ&トライレポート公開!

  みなさん、こんにちは!AKIBAショールームスタッフ「しあぱ」です! 先日、AKIBAショールームにて開催した「METAL ROBOT魂 <SIDE KMF> ランスロット・アルビオン」のタッチ […]

Booth Guide

"TAMASHII NATIONS AKIBA Show Room" is divided into 2 booths, "Theme Display / Sales Corner" on the left side and the "Soul Web Store Display Corner" on the right side. It is an open style store that is not hidden by doors and walls and we are waiting for everyone's visit in an environment that anyone can enter easily. In addition, each item being exhibited can be taken with your camera.

The latest information of the exhibition corner, you can check from here respectively.

In "GOOGLE indoor view", 360-degree check the state of the store!

※ Photographed in February 2018

Free to move the 360 ​​° panorama photo, please try walking or overlooking the inside of the showroom.

★ the Google In door View to see on the big screen from here!

Theme display / sales section TAMASHII web store exhibition corner