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"TAMASHII NATIONS AKIBA SHOWROOM" is, Bandai Collectors Division to exhibit the products of high target product brand "TAMASHII NATIONS" to expand, is the official showroom facility.
This page is as its official page, a web site to inform the day-to-day announcements and exhibition information from the showroom to everyone.

For AKIBA showrooms, and please refer to the following for access method.

Latest articles

【December 20 (Wednesday) 23 o'clock order deadline! 】 "Exhibition" Ryujin Gallo "" Spear leghogan Stormtrooper "" Haseo 3rd Form "etc. are on display!

Hello everyone! ! AKIBA showroom staff "Sb" is! Wednesday, December 20 Wednesday at 23 o'clock April 2018 Do you check the shipping item yet? What? What? If you are still in doubt, AKIBA shawl [...]

[Exhibit addition notice] "Night rogue" "Donald" "Goofy" etc.! "TAMASHII NATION 2017" After exhibition is being held well! !

Hello everyone! ! AKIBA showroom staff "Sb" is! We will introduce the latest items exhibited in the showroom! ! ■ SHFiguarts Night Rogue General Storefront Items Manufacturer Desired Small [...]

"PROPLICA Tengen Toppa Breakthrough Gurren Lagann Simon's Core Drill" Touch & Tryout Report!

"I dislike thinking who I am !!!" Hello, good evening. It is AKIBA showroom staff "Nn". Touch & To of the "PROPLICA Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Simon's Core Drill" held the other day in the AKIBA showroom [...]

"Robo Jr. of Superalloy Tower of the Sun" Factory Sample Review!

That miracle of Robo will stand up again! "Robo Jr. of Superalloy Tower of the Sun" will be released in March, 2018! ! Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom manager "50"! Bought in 2014 "Superalloy Tower of the Sun" [...]

"Soul Nation 2017 after display exhibition" start! 【Tentative December 5 (Tue) to December 18 (Mon) Schedule】

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "shiawa" is! Today is a notification of "Soul Nation 2017 After Exhibition" update! "Soul Nation 2017" finished within popular popularity Part of the sample exhibited here [...]

"SHFiguarts Cairo Ren (THE LAST JEDI)" Touch & Tryout Report released!

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "moku" is! Touch & Tiger of SHFiguarts Cairo Ren (THE LAST JEDI) held at the AKIBA showroom the other day [...]

"Mobile Suit Gundam 00" 10th Anniversary Special Exhibition "Close to the end! Next time "TAMASHII NATIONS World Tour Featuring Exhibition" starts! !

Hello everyone! ! AKIBA showroom staff "Sb" is! Currently being held "It is" Mobile Suit Gundam 00 "10th anniversary special exhibition", but it has come to an end soon ... ...! ! ! Finally released in December, "METAL [...]

【Monday, November 20 (Mon) 23 o'clock order deadline! 】 "Drumlo & Frey Bom Effect" "Dark General General Force DC" "Red Leaf Pearl (Winter Uniform Ver.)" Is on display!

Good day Good evening. It is AKIBA showroom staff "Nn". Have you checked the items that will be canceled without notice? November 20th (Mon) 23 o'clock deadline March delivery Items are now being displayed at the AKIBA showroom! ■ [...]

To Customers Using JR Akihabara Station East and West Free Passages

  みなさん、こんにちは!AKIBAショールーム店長「50」です! 本日はAKIBAショールームから大切なお知らせです!   2017年11月現在、AKIBAショールームの所在地であるJR秋葉原駅東西 […]

[Additional exhibition notice! 】 "Gundam Asturea TYPE-F (GN HEAVY WEAPON SET)" "Horuku (Thor: Ragnarok)" "Thor (Ragnarok)" and exhibiting!

Good day Good evening. It is AKIBA showroom staff "Nn". We will inform you of the exhibition information of the order entry start item! On November 15th 19 o'clock starts ordering at soul web shop! ■ METAL BUILD Gundam Ass [...]

Booth Guide

"TAMASHII NATIONS AKIBA showroom" is, the left side is "theme exhibition corner", and the right side is divided into two booth of "TAMASHII web store exhibition corner". Is an open-style stores that are not obscured by the door and the wall, we look forward to your visit of everyone in anyone enters friendly environment. In addition, each product on display, users can be taken in you have the camera.

The latest information of the exhibition corner, you can check from here respectively.

In "GOOGLE indoor view", 360-degree check the state of the store!

※ Shot taken in November 2017

Free to move the 360 ​​° panorama photo, please try walking or overlooking the inside of the showroom.

★ the Google In door View to see on the big screen from here!

Theme Exhibition Corner TAMASHII web store exhibition corner