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"TAMASHII NATIONS AKIBA SHOWROOM" is, Bandai Collectors Division to exhibit the products of high target product brand "TAMASHII NATIONS" to expand, is the official showroom facility.
This page is as its official page, a web site to inform the day-to-day announcements and exhibition information from the showroom to everyone.

For AKIBA showrooms, and please refer to the following for access method.

Latest articles

"Robot Spirit Sinanju FINAL BATTLE SET: Feat. Neo Geong" & "Robot Spirit Sinanju [Real Marking Ver.]" Touch & Tryout Report released!

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "moku" is! The other day, "Robot Spirit" held at AKIBA showroom <SIDE MS> Sinanju FINAL BATTLE SET: Feat. Neo [...]

[Additional exhibition notice! 】 In addition to "Kamen Rider Daisuki", "Gaillum" "Hitoshi Matsumoto" "Masayuki Hamada" will also be displayed sequentially! !

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "Sb" is! The latest items that started receiving orders at the soul web shop from 16 o'clock March 16 (Fri) will be exhibited in the AKIBA showroom sequentially, by the 17 th (Saturday) [...]

【Wednesday, March 21 (Wed) 23 deadline deadline! 】 "SHFiguarts Machine Builder & Parts Set" "SHFiguarts (True Bone Carving Manufacturer) Golden Knight Gallo (Saejima Steel Fang)" etc. are on display!

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "moku" is! Have you checked the items that will be canceled without notice? In the showroom, a lot of deadline deadline items are on display on Wednesday, March 21 (Wednesday) at 23 o'clock! ■ "[...]

【Notice of touch & try in March! 】 3/17 "Sinanju FINAL BATTLE SET: Feat. Neo Geong" & "Sinanju [Real Marking Ver.]" Held! !

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "moku" is! Touch & try notice! ! This month is held once on March 17 (Saturday)! ! ★ March 17 (Sat) ■ "Robot Spirits <SIDE MS> Sinan [...]

[Additional exhibition notice! 【SHFiguarts Masked Rider Gamer Action Gamer Level 0 」,「 SHFiguarts Game Center CX Arino Akira Makoto (Ikejima Can Ver.) 」And many others added!

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "moku" is! Today is an announcement of additional exhibits! AKIBA Showroom Renewal Opened "Theme Display / Sales Corner", "Soul Web Shop Exhibition Corner" Newest A [...]

AKIBA showroom renewal Detailed information disclosure!

On March 10 (Sat) 10 o'clock, the AKIBA showroom is renewed! The area on the left which had been developed as the "theme exhibition section" until now will be reborn as "Theme exhibition / sales corner"! Today, a new [___ ___ 0

On March 10 (Sat) 10 o'clock, the AKIBA showroom is renewed!

「魂ネイションズ AKIBAショールーム」からのお知らせです。 AKIBAショールームが3月10日(土)、リニューアルオープン! 現在工事中のテーマ展示コーナーが一新。 これまで通りのテーマ展示は引き続き展開しつつも、 […]

Notice of "SHFiguarts Avengers / Infinity War" series addition exhibition!

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "moku" is! It is a notice of additional exhibition! As soon as the series "SHFiguarts Avengers / Infinity War" was lifted, AK [...]

"All-purpose Battleship N-Nautilus" Early reservation reception end approaches! ! "Masked Rider Build Rabbit Tank Sparkling Form" is also Added!

Good day Good evening. It is AKIBA showroom staff "Nn". Everyone, is the early reservation reception end item checked? ■ Soul of Chogokin GX - 80 Universal Battleship N - Nautilus (early reservation privilege [...]

Robot Spirits <SIDE JAEGER> 'Gypsy Avenger', 'Brecher Phoenix' Touch & Try-Reports Released!

Hello everyone! AKIBA showroom staff "moku" is! "Robot Spirits <SIDE JAEGER> Gipsy Avenger", "Robot Spirits <SIDE JAEG [...]" held the other day in the AKIBA showroom,

Booth Guide

"TAMASHII NATIONS AKIBA Show Room" is divided into 2 booths, "Theme Display / Sales Corner" on the left side and the "Soul Web Store Display Corner" on the right side. It is an open style store that is not hidden by doors and walls and we are waiting for everyone's visit in an environment that anyone can enter easily. In addition, each item being exhibited can be taken with your camera.

The latest information of the exhibition corner, you can check from here respectively.

In "GOOGLE indoor view", 360-degree check the state of the store!

※ Photographed in February 2018

Free to move the 360 ​​° panorama photo, please try walking or overlooking the inside of the showroom.

★ the Google In door View to see on the big screen from here!

Theme display / sales section TAMASHII web store exhibition corner