ULTRA-ACT Ultraman Zero

  • Price:4,860JPY
    (8% tax included)
  • Release date: January 31, 2014
  • Targeted Age:
    15 and older
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The son of Ultraseven: Ultraman Zero!!

Ultraman Zero makes a comeback in a new second version!
An all new Ultraman Zero with new sculpting, posability, and effects - right in the palm of your hand.

Many changes based on the material from ULTRA-ACT Ver.2
New materials and interchangeable armor for enhanced posability.
Various Beam effects enhanced to replicate dynamic beam attacks.

Comes with 2 types of Zero Slugger: "normal" and "special effect" versions.
Includes a Zero Twin Sword and a Zero Slugger that can be mounted on the chest to replicate the prototype Ultraman Zero.

Bonus for early customers: includes the "Zero Double Flasher" effect part, which can be used with the separately sold Ultraman Leo (on sale now) and the version 2 Ultraman Leo (coming in 2014!)

†Product Description
Height: about 160mm
Materials: PVC, ABS

†Set contents
・Main Body
・Interchangeable hands
・Wide Zero Shot Effect Part
・Zero Slugger x2
・Zero Slugger (with effect part) x2
・Zero Twin Sword
・Protector for Wide Zero Shot
・Interchangeable Color Timer
・Interchangeable Color Timer (for recreating Zero Twin Shoot)
・Interchangeable head (without Zero Slugger)

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