S.H.MonsterArts Alien Warrior

  • Price:5,940JPY
    (8% tax included)
  • Release date: January 25, 2014
  • Targeted Age:
    15 and older


With the incorporation of diecast and never before achieved levels of articulation, the S.H. MonsterArts edition of the Alien Warrior represents a new pinnacle for Alien action figures.

The joint system has been specially designed to allow dynamic poses without breaking the figure's distinctive silhouette. The unique head structure is rendered with translucent plastic. Subtle organic details that were almost impossible to see on-screen come to life in this sculpt, and every effort was made to conceal the joints for a natural appearance.

The joints were designed to support the unique bipedal and quadrupedal poses of the Alien, with special attention paid to the waist and the ankles for an expanded posing range. The rear of the neck was designed to support the massive head in a natural-looking way, while the "pipes" on the back are poseable as well. 
These joints allow the Alien to support itself in all sorts of dynamic and delicate poses, from crawling on all fours, to leaning in towards its prey. The aggressive nature of the Alien is accentuated by its ferocious-looking inner mouth and its giant, spiked tail. 
The top of the head can be slid to open the main mouth and reveal the threatening inner mouth.
And the tail was provided with joints to allow multiple degrees of freedom for achieving and holding the subtlest
poses. And the tip of the tail uses diecast metal parts to achieve an even sharper feel.
Accessories include a finely detailed egg chamber and the "juvenile" form of the Warrior, the "chestburster." 
All can be displayed together to expand your display possibilities. 
Two different hand variations are included as well, for enhanced posing and expressiveness.

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