Soul of Chogokin GX-68 the King of Braves Gaogaigar

  • Price:32,400JPY
    (8% tax included)
  • Release date: December 27, 2014
    * Re-issue Date: October 10, 2015
  • Targeted Age:
    15 and older
  • Re-issue


The brave warrior fans have long been waiting for is HERE!!
SOUL OF CHOGOKIN "The King of Braves Gaogaigar"

Finally! FINALLY! "The King of Braves Gaogaigar" is coming to SOUL OF CHOGOKIN!
The major selling point is the ability to recreate Final Fusion.
Includes the full transformation from GaoLion to Gaigar, and the entire combination process of Gaigar with the 3 Gao machines.
Includes features that let you re-create the combining gimmick just as it appears in the opening animation!
You can display in other forms from the show such as "Gaigar Stealth Drill Mode" too!

The lion robot GaoLion transforms the humanoid Gaigar!
・Final Fusion, recreated!
Gaigar combining with 3 Gao machines!
・Gigantic huge body!
A big scale of total height 260mm!
・A balanced fusion of combinability and movability!
Special wrist parts let you recreate the deadly "Hell & Heaven" attack!

†Product Description
・Height: about 260mm
・Materials: ABS, PVC, Diecast

†Set contents
・Main Body (GaoLion, StealthGao, LinerGao, DrillGao)
・Dividing driver
・Interchangeable hand left/right for Gaogaigar (3 types)
・Interchangeable face parts
・Mobable hands (left/right) for Gaogaigar
・Hand parts for Hell and Heaven
・Display base

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