FiguartsZERO Sabo -5th Anniversary Edition-

  • Price:4,860JPY
    (8% tax included)
  • Release date: October 10, 2015
  • Targeted Age:
    15 and older


"We're inheriting his will!"
Sabo, with the power of "Mera Mera no Mi," as a dynamic action figure!

A perfect portrayal of Luffy's sworn brother Sabo, from the powerful design to the "special effect" after mastering the "Mera Mera no Mi" ability in the Dressrosa arc!
The fire he wields and the wind-blown coat's texture are replicated using clear parts and color gradations.
Includes a "Do-Donn!!" sound effect plaque.

5th Anniversary Edition Special Model
Both the fire and his coat are molded with translucent materials.
Color gradations create a luxuriously realistic look.

The sound effect plaque included with the -5th Anniversary Edition- figures is the "Do-donn!!" used in the scene where the characters appear.

†Product Description
・Height: about 150mm
・Materials: PVC, ABS

†Set contents
・Main Body
・Display stand
・1 "Do-Donn!!" sound effect plaque

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