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PROPLICA Gurren Lagann Simon's core drill

  • Price: ¥ 8,100 (tax 8% included)
  • Release date: November 25, 2017
  • Age: 15 years old or more
  • General over-the-counter sale
  • PROPLICA Simon's core drill※ It is the question content dedicated to those who purchased ※. Please note.

    • PROPLICA Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Simon's Core Drill 01
    • PROPLICA Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Simon's Core Drill 02
    • PROPLICA Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Simon's Core Drill 03
    • PROPLICA Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Simon's core drill 04
    • PROPLICA Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Simon's core drill 05
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    • PROPLICA Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Simon's core drill 07

    Description of item

    July 3, 2017 (Monday) Scheduled to be reserved for general dealers
    (Presence or absence of reservation handling depends on the retailers)

    Drive the sky with your drill! It is!

    Commemorating the 10th anniversary of "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" broadcasting, "Core Drill", the most important item in the play, is commercialized at PROPLICA!
    Core Drill, a definitive edition of modeling, lighting, dialogue, music, pedestal, all the elements, like the power of a spiral, is now here.

    It glows to the size of about 100 mm in length, it sounds! It condenses the gimmick.
    Built in high-density voice and light gimmicks in the body of size feeling almost 1/1 in play.
    Die cast is used for the handle part, directing the weight feeling.

    · Light emission
    The core drill body has a green LED built-in, reproducing the characteristic way of lighting "Boan · · · Boon · · ·".
    A staff member of that time created a new sound for PROPLICA!

    Simon's, Kamina's, Great Grun team's attention words.
    Built many famous lines, that name scene revives!
    ● Kamina "Simone going! Punch the sky with your drill!"
    ● Simon "Aniki is dead, there is not anymore!"
    ● Simon & Villal "Fate Consolidation Gurren Lagann! Do not feel like thinking who I am!"
    ● Kitan "Koitsu is Simon's! Large Glen group of humans! No, this is my soul!"
    Yoko: Yes, even a human being has a bigger guy!
    ● Near "The heart of men is infinite! I also bet on that size!"
    ● Large Glen team "Tengen Toppa Gurren Laganng! Refusing thinking who we are!"
    ※ 7 people in total · 26 types in total, containing more than 4 minutes of nominal lines!
    ※ All recorded words are listed at the bottom of the page

    A dedicated pedestal with a shape resembling a helical gauge of Lagan cockpit is attached. Display is possible in two forms.

    Built in 2 songs of the theme song "Sky Color Day" and 11 songs "Simone, Take Your Hand" insertion song "happily ever after", you can immerse in the world of "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann"!
    Also, music and dialogue can be played at the same time.

    Recorded music
    · Sky color Days (about 80 seconds)
    · Happily ever after (about 70 seconds)

    ■ Product Specifications
    Length: about 100mm
    Material: ABS, die-cast

    ■ Set Contents
    · Body
    - Stand set
    · Owner's Manual and Commentary

    ■ Battery
    · LR44 × 3 (with test battery)

    ■ "PROPLICA Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Simon's Core Drill" Full Recorded Lineup List

    ● Kamina "Simone going! Punch the sky with your drill!"
    ● Kamina "I dislike thinking who I am!"
    ● Kamina "The soul of the Han blazes up, Oh, the coalesced Gurren Lagann!"
    ● Kamina & Simon "Fighting fight for naught and recklessly laughed! If you have a wall, hit it and break it! If you do not have a road, make it with this hand! Magma of your heart burns with flames! Super giant Gurren Lagann! Do not feel like thinking who we are! '
    ● Kamina "Hissatsurushi! Giga ...! Drill ... ... Bredey ~ !!!"
    ● Kamina "Abeya, Nigga duty ..."
    ● Simon "Aniki is dead, there is not anymore! But on my back, I will continue to live in this chest!"
    ● Simon "If you dig a hole, I will push the sky! Even if you drill through the tomb hole, I will dig it out, if I go through it I will win! I guess who I am, I am Simon, I am not an anime in Kamina. It's Digging Digging Simon! "
    ● Simon "Hissatsuri! Giga ...! Drill ... ... Bleuyuku ~ !!!"
    ● Simon & Villal "Two spiral paths of people and beasts twist and intersect spiral roads! I will destroy my destiny with yesterday's enemies! I will make tomorrow's way with this hand! Fate consolidation Gurren Lagann! I do not feel like thinking who I am! "
    Simon & Villal "Break through causality and fate, the cry of life echoes the galaxy! Angry Merger Arc Gurren Lagann!"
    ● Simon "I will go, the last fight!"
    ● Kitan "Koitsu is Simon's! Large Glenn's Human! Human! No, this is my soul! Can you eat as much as you can!"
    ● Kitan "King King"! Giga Drill ...! Blakey! "
    ● Simon "Kitan, you received your intention!"
    ● Simon "Engrave my friend's feelings on this body and turn infinite darkness into light! Tengeful heaven! Ichikumi God! Super Ginga Gurren Lagann!"
    ● Simon "I will go, Public nigga!"
    ● Large Glen Group "Let's be caught in the circle of causality! The remembrance opens the door! The infinite universe will block! The blood clippers will decide the fate! The heaven will break through the dimension and you can grab it Turn your way to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! "
    ● Large Glen group "I dislike thinking who we are!"
    ● Simon "We evolve more than us a minute ago! If you turn one turn, it's a bit but go forward, it's a drill!"
    ● Simon "That is your limit! You are the limit of yourself who confined other lives in this quiet universe with the king's mood!"
    Yoko: Yes, even human beings have even bigger ones! We are going forward for that person too! "
    ● Near "The heart of men is infinite! I also bet on that size!"
    ● Simon "Remember, this drill opens a wind hole in this universe! That hole will be the way for those who continue from now on! The wish of those who fell down and the hope of those who will continue afterwards. I will dig into the road that will lead to tomorrow, woven into a heavy spiral! "
    ● Simon "That breakthrough in Tengen! That's Gurren Lagann! My drill is a drill that creates heaven!"
    ● Simon "Lagan Impact ~!"

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