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  • Price: 27,000 yen (tax 8% included)
  • Release date: December 09, 2017
  • Age: 15 years old or more
  • General over-the-counter sale
  • METAL BUILD Double O Quanta※ It is the question content dedicated to those who purchased ※. Please note.

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    Description of item

    Fri July 28, 2017 (Fri) Reservation ban on regular dealers
    (Presence or absence of reservation handling depends on the retailers)

    The new gimmick "Quantum Burst" type regular "" is loaded, finally OO Quan[T] becomes METAL BUILD!

    In 2011, the METAL BUILD series began with "Double Oh Gundam Seven Sword". After six years, the last protagonist "Double O Quanta" of "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" series finally appeared. It is the ultimate finish by supervision supervised by Mechanical Designer Ebihikawa Kanetake.
    Not only the "Quantum Burst" form in which whole body armor comes off, but also the form of the new Gimmick's "Quantum Burst" type Regular ". It is a product that can enjoy three forms.

    ● Quantum Burst "Type Regular"
    Open the whole body hatch and do Quantum burst.
    It is a form assumed to close the armor and return to the front, but it is a form of a phantom that was not used in the play.

    ● Quantum Burst
    Furthermore, it can reproduce Quantum burst form by attaching / detaching armor, exchanging parts.
    By using the attached GN sword bit exhibition ring, it is also possible to display exhibits of various scenes.

    ● GN Drive LED flash
    First of METAL BUILD series, equipped with luminous gimmick.
    By the LED mounted on the chest, light is emitted back and forth. You can direct the glow of the GN drive.

    ● Other Gimmick
    The GN sword bit exhibition ring also reproduces the shield form by attaching effects.
    The GN sword bit can be hand-held as well as buster sword form, buster rifle form.

    ■ Product Specifications
    Height: about 180mm
    Material: ABS, PVC, die-cast

    ■ Set Contents
    · Body
    • Replacement wrist left and right each four
    · GN Sword V
    · GN sword bit 3 types × 2
    · Complete Quantum Burst Parts for Replacement
    · GN sword bit exhibition ring set
    · Shield effect
    - Stand set
    · Parts removal stick
    Battery removal rod

    ■ Battery
    LR 41 × 2 (sold separately)

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