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METAL BUILD Arbalest Ver. IV

  • Price: 22,680 yen (including tax 8%)
  • Release date: April 21, 2018
  • Age: 15 years old or more
  • General over-the-counter sale
  • METAL BUILD Arbalest Ver. IV Questionnaire※ It is the question content dedicated to those who purchased ※. Please note.

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    Description of item

    October 23, 2017 (Monday) Schedule for reservation at general store
    (Presence or absence of reservation handling depends on the retailers)

    New animation "Full Metal Panic! IV "Ultimate Arbalest by Official Mechanical Designer Ebihikawa Kanetake

    New animation "Full Metal Panic! IV "appearance appeared from METAL BUILD by supervision of Mr. Ebihikawa Kanitake who was responsible for the mechanical design of the leading role machine" Arbalest "!
    Parts that reproduce each form, plenty of arms, pedestal parts and figures etc that can produce various scenes are attached and finished items that boasts high play value.

    Λ Driver: Lambda driver
    "Lambda driver" which is the characteristic of Arbalest is faithfully reproduced by dedicated parts.
    By applying fine processing and plating processing to the plate-shaped part, it expresses a new texture which has never existed.

    ECS: Electromagnetic Camouflage System
    Electromagnetic camouflage system "ECS" Reproduce the invoked form.
    With deployment gimmicks cultivated in the METAL BUILD series, it is possible to deploy 16 sensors throughout the body.

    ACTION: Action
    Various scenes can be reproduced with a high thought out mobility and abundant accessories.

    OPTION PARTS: Accessories
    In addition to various arms, abundant options such as base parts and figures that can reproduce the maintenance state are attached.
    It is possible to replace it with the head of the state equipped with the antitank dagger.
    Reproduce the opening and closing of the cockpit. Something for which School Sousuke Seminar of School uniform is on board and one with empty seats are included.
    Battle car dagger and hand grenade are housed under the chest. It is also detachable.

    ■ commodity content
    Height: about 180mm
    Material: ABS, PVC, die-cast

    ■ Set Contents
    · Body
    • Replacement wrist left and right each four
    · Replacement shoulder armor left and right
    · Replacement lambda · 2 driver parts parts × 2
    • Replacement face parts
    · Temporary parts for replacement
    · Hand grenade × 2
    · Hand grenades (for storage)
    · Anti-tank car dagger × 2
    · Anti-tank car dagger (for storage)
    · XM18 wire gun × 2
    , Single-molecule cutter
    · "Boxer" 57mm shotgun
    · "Boxer" magazine × 2
    · Armament maintenance arm
    · 2 parts in the cockpit
    - Stand set
    Sosa Sousuke (Winter Uniform) Figure
    · Maintenance person figure

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