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S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider Gam Action Gamer Level 2

  • Price: 5,000 yen (tax 8% included)
  • Release date: December 2017
  • Age: 15 years old or more
  • Other limited edition
  • SHFiguarts Masked Rider Gam Action Gamer Level 2 01
  • SHFiguarts Masked Rider Gam Action Gamer Level 2 02
  • SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Gam Action Gamer Level 2 03
  • SHFiguarts Masked Rider Gam Action Gamer Level 2 04
  • SHFiguarts Masked Rider Gam Action Gamer Level 2 05
  • SHFiguarts Masked Rider Gam Action Gamer Level 2 06

Description of item

※ There is no delivery service. Please apply only for those who can visit.
※ If you do not receive it, your order will be canceled with the end of the event.
※ Please read the following notes carefully before ordering.


How to purchase commemorative items will change this year

"TAMASHII NATION 2017" holding commemoration commodity
About how to receive after purchase is completed

Receiving place: Bersaar Akihabara B1F Merchandise sales floor
Period: December 1st (Fri) - December 3rd (Sun) in 2017
1: 10: 00-20: 00 (Final entry: 19: 30)
Saturday 2nd (Sat) 10: 00-20: 00 (last entry 19: 30)
3 (Sun) 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 (last entry 17: 30)

※ There is no delivery service.
* If you do not receive it during the exhibition, your order will be canceled.
* Be sure to order before orderingNotesPlease read carefully.

>How to issue 2D code for receiving is here


Notes and Frequently Asked Questions

■ About selling
● The purchase method of the holding commemorative product will be "advance purchase · venue receiving system".
● Products that can be purchased at the venue during the exhibition without prior purchase
It is only two items "Robot Spirits <SIDE MS> RX-78-2 Gundam ver. ANIME ~ First Touch 2500 ~", "TAMASHII NATIONS 10th Anniversary picture record (Catalog)".

<Regarding commemorative commemorative items to be sold at "Advance purchase / venue reception">
Purchase method
Premium Bandai member registration (free) is required for purchase.
Please do procedures from each page during the acceptance period of each product page you wish.
The number of orders is limited to 2 per person per item.

* If you purchase up to the limit on the first order, you can not purchase the same item at the 2nd.

■ Reception start time
Part 1: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 (Wednesday)
The first (re): October 13, 2017 (Friday) ① Scheduled start at 12: 00 ② Scheduled to start at 19: 00
The 2nd: Scheduled to start on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 at 7pm

* The number of preparations for each product is limited. When the number of preparations has been reached, the reception of the order will be terminated. Once accepted products may be accepted again for your order.
* Schedule change for the second preliminary purchase acceptance start notice, which was announced on October 18 (Wednesday) at 19:00, as mentioned above.

■ About settlement
*Payment is fully prepaidIt will be.
* In principle, cancellation / change after settlement can not be done. Please note.

The settlement method is only "credit card settlement (prepayment)", "WEB convenience store settlement (prepayment)", "Payee settlement (prepayment)" only. For details of "WEB convenience store payment (prepayment)" "Payee settlement (prepayment)" please confirm from the following.

"WEB convenience store payment (prepayment)"
"Payee settlement (prepayment)"

■ About acceptance
* For receipt of pre-purchased itemsPresentation of "Two-dimensional code for receiving" displayed on one mobile terminal (including feature phone, smart phone, tablet) is requiredis. Please note that we can not accept goods in 2D code such as printing and capture screen.For details, click here.
*There is no schedule of delivery at a later date. Please make an application only for those who can visit.
* On the day, we may ask you to confirm the identity at the venue.
* On some days of the day, we may have to wait.
* We accept all goods purchased only once per person for receipt of goods.
You can not accept it in several times.
* If you do not receive it, your order will be canceled with the end of the event.
* In case of cancellation, we will refund the total amount of the order.
Initially, there was a statement that we will refund the amount after canceling the cancellation fee (actual expenses), but it changed.
* Purchase rights can not be transferred.
* Customers are responsible for communication expenses incurred during registration and use.
* Please understand that we can not answer inquiries on the number of sales.
* Customers under the age of 15 can not purchase or accept merchandise. Please note.

■ Contact
· Inquiries regarding advance purchase:
Premium Bandai Contact Window

· Inquiries concerning product contents:
Customer consultation center
Reception hours 10 am - 5 pm (except holidays, summer and winter holidays)

<Regarding commemoration commemoration commemoration of selling on the day>
Only two items of "Robot Spirits <SIDE MS> RX-78-2 Gundam ver. ANIME ~ First Touch 2500 ~", "TAMASHII NATIONS 10th Anniversary picture record (Catalog)" are available.
※ "ROBOT Soul RX-78-2 Gundam ver. ANIME ~ First Touch 2500 ~", "TAMASHII NATIONS 10th Anniversary picture record (catalog)" will be sold on that day as soon as the sale on that day is gone.
* Customers under 15 years old can not purchase even with parents.
※ The number of sales inquiries, please understand that we can not answer.
※ We plan to sell even "soul web shop" after the event.

Frequently asked questions is here

For Foreign Customers
Please check event official website
(The event official website is Japanese only. We are now preparing English version.)

  • The image is an image.
  • The price of over-the-counter commodity is inclusive manufacturer's suggested retail price display the consumption tax.
  • Commodity price of soul web Shoten, selling price is the display that contains the consumption tax.
  • Commodity there is a notation of (tax 5% included) is a tax-included price based on the old tax rate (5%). Past of these goods has been largely discontinued, but the products released before 2013 on this site, are published as an archive at the time price (the old tax rate).
    When the original purchase of 2014 or after April 1, please put your includes it will be settled based on the new tax rate (8%).
  • Please understand that there are times when it differs from actual product and some images, illustrations of the product.
  • Please note that goods which have the lapse of time from the sale are subject to production and sales has been completed.
  • Commodity name Release Date and price, such as information of this website are subject to change so please understand.
  • This site, the items soul web store we have recorded those of shipping since July 2012.

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