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Digivolving Spirits 04 engeuomon

  • Price: ¥ 7,020 (tax 8% included)
  • Release date: May 19, 2018
  • Age: 15 years old or more
  • General over-the-counter sale
  • Super Evolution Soul 04 Engeulmon Questionnaire※ It is the question content dedicated to those who purchased ※. Please note.

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    Description of item

    Tue November 28, 2017 (Tue) Scheduled to be reserved for general dealers
    (Presence or absence of reservation handling depends on the retailers)

    Digimon modified figure is now evolving super -
    The fourth brand of the new brand "Super Evolutionary Soul" is "Engeurumon"!

    Pursuing the ultimate limit of Digimon's charm, "Beauty of Teilmon" before evolution and "Sexiness of Engeuon, coolness" after evolution.
    Ultimate collector's item that encompasses surprise and enjoyment as a deformed figure appeared.

    ·Materials material
    In the super evolution spirit, we also pursue the sense of texture when taken in hands.
    We use die casting for helmets, chest feather parts, Holeyring etc and highlight texture.
    Furthermore, chest parts and Holi Ring are plated and plated, realizing a high-quality finish.

    ·Digivolving Super Evolution
    Not only paintings that have been applied until fine detail, as well as changes in body color before and after evolution from Teilmon to Angeweemon are reproduced as far as possible by perfect deformation gimmicks of replacement pears.

    · Proportion proportion
    The 4th edition of Angeweumon is a new lineup of designs and designs that have not been released in the past super evolution series.
    At the time of the enjaemon, realized a beautiful silhouette that can not be defeated by a bishoujo figure by modeling sticking. It is a deformed figure full of fresh surprises.

    ■ Product Specifications
    Total Height: Approximately 155 mm (Engeurumon time)
    Material: ABS, PVC, die-cast

    ■ Set Contents
    · Body

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