• Post by ovic yulkarnain

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ They seem to start moving even right now; the pose of the figures which the characteristic of Goku and Vegeta are well manifested and the composition of the photo is very cool!

  • Post by Gary Garzón

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ It is really amazing that entrant pose the figures so well for various forms of Goku!
    I want to pose my GOKU too!

  • Post by Custom Action Figure Tailor

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ Even without props, or any editing of the photo, I can still enjoy this photo with the beautiful nature and sunlight!
    I am thrilled to see the fight start from now on!

  • Post by Noserain

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ This is not just a picture, it includes SFX, great pose! And the photographer dedicated more time that a usual picture!

  • Post by toycommotion

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ I like the atmosphere of this photo as it reminds me the scene of anime. I love the way that the Z Warriors are all gathered in this photo too!

  • Post by Jack of all trades.

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ Great representation of a DB series battle with SFX, great way of posing TAMASHII NATIONS figures!

  • Post by Hasannudin

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ Is it S.H.Figuarts? For me, Android 17 look like "alive" from this angle
    And an exquisite sense of balance of Piccolo. I am so impressed of this work.

  • Post by Nigel Bennett

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ Great posing and I can feel that he is alive!

  • Post by ovic yulkarnain

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ "solitary warrior, Vegeta" this is what i can tell from this photo. It is a really amazing pic.

  • Post by jMt's Collection

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ The angle of camera,the way they gaze each other, and the posing are all perfect!

  • Post by Obie4

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ Each figure are posing great in their fatal blow pose and the balance of this pic is exquisite!

  • Post by Elvis Miranda

    ★Comment from TAMASHII★ Instead of Vegeta's face, the camera focuses on the kick of him, where the real power difference with the cell became decisive!
    It is also good to illuminate the kick in darkness.

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● Eligibility
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Submission Rules
●Only one photo will be allowed for one submission. However entrants can submit multiple works separately for several times.
●Works which included other brand except for S.H.Figuarts , are ineligible for display on Tamashii Nations official site and Tamashii Nations official Instagram.

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●We will specially pick up and introduce some nice and interesting works on Tamashii Nations official web site TAMASHII WEB and on Tamashii Nations official instagram INSTAMASHII. (Please notice that prize will not be provided)

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