10th Anniversary World Tour Brazil
@Comic-Con Experience 2016


ブラジル『Comic-Con Experience 2016』で会場内で展開した「TAMASHII NATIONS WORLD TOUR」ブースでは、ブラジルで大人気の『聖闘士星矢』より黄金聖闘士12体の等身大立像を一挙展示!迫力のLED映像を背景に、堂々と並び立つ黄金聖闘士たちに、現地の聖闘士星矢ファンも大盛り上がり!

魂ネイション2016 NEXT ITEMコーナで公開された「聖闘士聖衣神級」も展示。『聖闘士星矢』以外にも、『セーラームーン』、『NARUTO』、『らんま1/2』、『WWE』などから多数の最新商品展示に注目が集まりました。

The first venue of “TAMASHII NATIONS 10th Anniversary World Tour” was held at “Comic-Con Experience 2016” in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The 12 Gold Saints life-size statues from the animation “Saint Seiya” were displayed all at once against a background of gorgeous LED lighting.

The new brand “Saint Cloth Divine”, which was revealed at “TAMASHII NATION 2016 NEXT ITEM Corner” on last November, was displayed as one of the main items.

Beside the items from “Saint Seiya”, the latest items from “Sailor Moon”, “NARUTO”, “RANMA 1/2”, “WWE” and others also attracted attention from visitors.

David Cafuta - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA