S.H.Figuarts KAMEN RIDER DRIVE Type Speed

  • Price:4,320JPY
    (8% tax included)
  • Release date: April 25, 2015
  • Targeted Age:
    15 and older


No more bikes! A Masked Rider that drives a car, coming to S.H.Figuarts with top gear!

Masked Rider Drive finally joins S.H.Figuarts.
The incredible posability of the S.H.Figuarts series lets you recreate various action poses from the show.
A luxury grade Kamen Rider figure with abundant option parts.

● Form. Proportions. Details.
Perfectly captures the essence of the character's suit.
The dense mechanical detail on the back and even the markings on his soles are replicated in detail.
・A sophisticated, high-tech action figure.
・Attention to detail makes even the back displayable.
・Check out the detail on the soles, visible when he "Rider Kicks!"

●Many option parts!
The Shift Brace and Shift Car are rendered down to the tiniest detail.
The Shift Car can be removed from the Belt Holder and enjoyed separately.
The belt features the distinctive Rider Mark.

†Product Description
・Height: about 145mm
・Materials: ABS, PVC

†Set contents
・Main Body
・Interchangeable hand parts (2 types)

<Early Buyer Bonus: Max Flare Set & Max Flare Effects>
Exchangeable parts for replicating when Speed is shot out from Tridoron (with wheels), and effect parts for action poses when exchanging tires are included! But these cool bonuses are only being distributed to early buyers of the S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Drive Series!!

†Set contents
・Exchangeable tire
・Effect parts
・Replaceable Belt Parts
・Shift Car (Max Flare)

*Bonus will be handed out by the store where you purchase the product.
*The campaign is subject to end without prior notice when supplies run out.
*Please make sure to confirm that your store is participating in the campaign before making your purchase.
*Different stores will get different quantities of bonuses, so please confirm before buying.

For more information about the Early Buyer Bonus Campaign, please check the product's page.

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